"Empowering creative women to build undeniable careers, sustainable businesses that flourish and lives of

great depth".


Undeniable Career Development

Sheridan Buscombe has extensive experience in the recruitment of staff. From job description development, shortlisting and interviewing. She also has a history of leading teams, management and workplace coaching and supervision. She has been integral in the development of a number artist's career progressions. In addition Sheridan is a highly experienced public speaker and educator. Specifically she can offer support in the following:

- Job Application and Interview Preparation.

- Public Speaking, Communication and Media Coaching

- Career review, re-direction, change, strategy and planning.

- Mindset, goal-setting, intention, self-generated opportunity, rapid growth.

Empowerment of Creative Women

Sheridan is passionate about supporting creative women to powerfully navigate themselves in environments that have typically been male dominatedSheridan has experience working within television and has her own creative practice as a writer. She has been immersed in the art world through the close collaboration with her husbands highly accelerated career as an artist, and has identified clear gender themes in the industry.  She takes a fresh approach to old systems, enabling her clients to confidently connect with their creative pursuits in an unapologetic manner. A mentoring relationship with Sheridan brings forth:

- The opening of intuitive flow, with deeper connection to authentic expression.

- Greater valuing, self-worth and confidence in artistic and business environments.

- Strategies for creative blocks, artistic fear and self-belief including"imposter syndrome".

- Strategies to enable a full-time career in an arts or creative practice.

Flourishing Sustainable Businesses

Sheridan has successfully operated her own business for well over a decade in areas of private practice, coaching and organisational consulting. Her business clients come from a diverse range of industries. Sheridan has a special interests in social entrepreneurship and feminist principles in business including environmental sustainability,  ethical operation,  and the integration of compassion and care within both process and product. Working with Sheridan can help ensure that your business model is clearly and consistently aligned with your values whilst being financially viable through the following:

- Defining your own holistic key performance indicators beyond financials.

- Exploring ethical strategy for business expansion and growth. 

- Identifying core values and how this tangibly relates to every element of your business.

- Reflecting on deeper level your relationship with money and re-writing your "money story".

Life of Great Depth

We have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for markers of achievement and worthiness, but ultimately success is only a good as it feels. As the traditional structures that previously have held many creatives captive are starting to topple, profound opportunity exists to forge our own path and make our careers work for us on our own terms. Careers and businesses that are self-defined, nourishing, flexible and balanced. To move through the world as a reflective, conscious and loving human being doing work that matters. In every consultation and conversation with Sheridan she will continue to hold you to account to the deeper truth that keeps calling you.


        to dive in?


To discuss working together please drop message Sheridan via the contacts page. Sheridan offers sessions anywhere in Australia via online video conferencing platforms or in person in her studio in Warrnambool Victoria.  For pricing please contact Sheridan directly.

Looking forward to moving, shaking and creating with all you.

                                                                                              Much Love,

Sheridan x

DISCLAIMER:  MOVE.SHAKE.CREATE. is not a counselling service or treatment provider for health related conditions including mental health, nor is it intended to replace legal or financial advice in relation to business operation.